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V 314

All-purpose industrial alternator suitable for all standard generators sets applications. It contains 180 – 365 kVA* power and 220-480 Voltages.

Standard Feature of Product:

  1. Single or double bearings are available, options for all kinds of adaptors and disc plates.
  2. 12-end reconnect able winding terminals to get different voltages.
  3. Standard “H” insulation class.
  4. Convenient installation and maintenance for lead-end rotated diodes and adaptor connected bolts
  5. Standard sealed maintenance-free bearings.
  6. Standard IP23 protection, optional severe environment protection.
  7. Optional auxiliary winding in excitation system.


  1. The generators have been designed for use in a maximum ambient temperature of 40degree and
    Altitude less than 1000m above sea level.
  2. All generators are 4-pole ones.
  3. Extended range voltage can be got from single windings or from 12-leads adjusted.

Electric Features:

  1. Voltage accuracy is ± 1% in static condition with any power factor, with optional PMG and MX321 AVR, voltage accuracy will be ± 0.5%.
  2. 2/3 pitch winding effectively eliminate harmonic waves, best for non-linear load
  3. Voltaggio alternators can function in parallel among themselves.
  4. Radio interference suppression


  1. Winding RTD
  2. Winding protection thermistor and relay
  3. Anti-condensation heater
  4. Air filter
  5. Droop CT
  6. Special Bearing